This remote controller can control digital intelligent 6803 IC RGB 5050 LED light strip, it uses 6803 as driver, it has 32*32*32 grayscale length setup function and power-fail memory function, you could choose it freely in a lot of programs, meanwhile, you can adjust all kinds of dynamic lighting changes by RF remote controller. It is very useful for light box advertisement, stage light, house decorating and so on.

Function of remote pannel

ON/OFF: ON/OFF button,it can open or close led anytime, when led is on the station of closing, The LCD will display “IC NUMBER:  ***”,“***”is the value of current setting.
MODE: Play/pause button, when you want to see the static effection of led ,you may press this button to pause.
S+: Speed quick button, the least number is 1
S-: Speed slow button, there are 100 step in all, the most number is 100
B+: Program chosing button, up direction,there are 84 programs in all.
B-: Program chosing button, down direction.


  • 133 modes wireless digital 6803 IC RF Controller for Dream Color Chasing 5050 RGB LED Strip
  • Waterproof 5050 SMD Dream Color LED Light Strip
  • Great for holiday, disco, party, home, garden and shops decoration etc
  • With digital tube, left two reveal the mode, right two reveal the speed
  • A lot of programs to chose

LED Pixel Control RGB 6803 controller For LS RGBP-150-68