• Input voltage: 5V-24V/DC
  • Working current: 12A(peak)
  • Output: 3 channels, common anode connection
  • Dimension: 33*12*5mm  40*86*6.5mm
  • Output wires to connect with power and LED strip light (red is + and black is -)
  • Mini Dimmer: this mini dimmer is tiny in its size, make it easy to be concealed.
  • Through connecting with LED strips, the accompanied RF remote will be able to control strip to achieve different functions such as dynamic mode, dynamic speed level and brightness adjustment.
  • RF Remote: the RF wireless remote signal can pass through barrier, it gets a longer control distance(about 15 meters at open area) and range since it is not necessary to aim at the main unit when operating.
  • Total 8 dynamic modes, 10 level of dynamic speed, and 10 level of brightness adjustment.
  • Function buttons on the RF remote:
  • ON / Standby: to turn ON or switch to standby mode. LED strip will turn on and restore to previous status at powering on moment.
  • LIGHT: switch to static lighting mode from dynamic mode.
  • 25% / 50% / 100% : switch to 100% , 50% or 25% brightness lightness mode.
  • MODE+ / MODE- : switch to dynamic mode from static lighting mode, or switch between different dynamic modes.
  • SPEED+ / SPEED- : adjust dynamic mode lighting speed.
  • BRIGHT+ / BRIGHT- : adjust lighting mode brightness.
  • Caution: RF remote is driven by 3V CR2025 button battery.
  • Please try to replace with the same type battery.

Mini LED Strip Single color controller w. Remoter, wire/wire, 12-24VDC