• Retains steering wheel controls (pre-programmed)
  • Retains OnStar® when the factory radio is replaced
  • Retains factory Bluetooth (2009+ model vehicles)
  • Retains rear seat audio controls
  • Retains all warning chimes (chime module included)
  • Retains back-up sensors/park assist
  • Retains factory Bose audio systems
  • Retains factory premium Bose audio (Y91 digital. does not support fading)
  • Retains factory reverse camera
  • Dual zone function
  • Chime volume adjustment (factory buttons)
  • Rear seat audio and video (GMRVD2) required
  • OnStar volume adjust from steering wheel controls
  • OnStar volume adjustment
  • Retained accessory power output (RAP)
  • Reverse wire output
  • VSS (Vehicle Speed Sense) output
  • Illumination output
  • Parking brake output
  • Includes antenna adapter
  • Retains lane departure warning system
  • Retains OnStar Turn-by-Turn voice prompts

RP5-GM32, Radio Pro Interface ONSTAR (SWC)