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Cable John Terms and Conditions

By visiting this Site, you agree to our Terms & Conditions with regard to our partnershipsservices, and provisions of our Site.

These terms specifically govern the following:

  • the use of Cable John website, and;
  • any related Agreement with Cable John and its board in a legally binding way.

Note that any “Capitalized” words are defined under this section. The User must read the Terms and Conditions carefully.


Definition of Terms:

“Company” refers to:

  • this Site that offers services;
  • Cable John;

“Cable John” refers to:

  • this Site and any other Site which the Owner has its available Services;
  • the Proprietary Software System/s that the website or Owner deems its legal property;
  • the Service
  • any websites, brands, partnerships, as well as any related services that Cable John will provide and cover at any time;

“Partnership” refers to:

  • A service, goods, or brand to legally consent Cable John to share its service, goods, or brand with its management and profits;
  • Any service, goods, or brand to consider Cable John as it shared proprietor as it deems or within the contract period;

“Provision” refers to:

  • Any changes that Cable John and its board; partners deem to provide on their website, such as information changes, sample and content files, source codes, set of instructions, and any related documentation subject for the provision;

“Service” refers to:

  • An intangible product or goods offered by the website;
  • An service to increase its value through Cable John’s propriety software system;
  • A provision of an effective and legal exit plan to create exponential return for its Users;

“User” refers to:

  • Any business owner, entrepreneur, investor, and customer that shall avail Cable John’s services for a given time period or contract;
  • Any website visitor that agreed to sign up for Cable John’s weekly or monthly newsletter.

Code of Conduct

As the User, your usage and access to this Site are subject to your due compliance with all the important policies, contractual regulations, laws, and these Terms and Conditions. Should you perform anything that violates or breaches this Terms and Conditions Policy, as well as our Privacy Policy, you are allowing and granting Cable John Boards its full rights and liberty to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access and usage to all or any aspects of our Site.

As a condition to your free use and access to our Site, you are obliged to observe proper and legal conducts such as, but not limited to, respecting the properties and rights of other Site visitors. Aside from which, you also agree to the following set of lawful conditions:

  • You shall not commit illegal activities such as misinterpretation and fraud when using the Site. Furthermore, you shall not utilize the Site in any form that is against the international and domestic laws and regulations or any regulations outlined on this page as stated herein.
  • You shall not submit on, to, or through the Site any discriminating comments, as well as hateful, offensive, abusive, defamatory, libelous, threatening, intimidating, and invasive messages or anything that communicates harm to other users and their rights.
  • You shall not get involved in any actions that may actually cause or tend to cause damage, impairment, or interference of our networks, serves, this Site, or other Site users’ use and satisfaction of any of our service, materials, and our Site.
  • You shall not revise, tamper, or do any form of modification with any of our Company’s systems software or hardware.
  • You shall neither attempt to access to gain any authorized access to our Site, other users’ accounts, our computer systems, and all the networks associated with our services and Site either through conducting hacking, password mining, scraping, or any other ways.
  • You will neither attempt to obtain or acquire any information or materials that are purposely unavailable on or through the Site.
  • You shall treat any and all confidential set of information in certain of the Site with care like how you would handle any confidential and essential information about you.
  • You shall only provide sets of information that are correct, up-to-date, and complete when completing any transaction, interaction, purchasing, or any important action conducted with the Site.
  • You shall not send or transmit any unsolicited emails, spam messages, or any form of solicitation on or through this Site.
  • You shall not create and/or release computer viruses, Trojan Horses, worms, or other potentially damaging or destructive computer software programs to the Site or any of the Company’s networks.
  • You shall not attempt to compromise, test, or circumvent any of the Site’s security measures without any expressed authorization of the Site.

Site Availability

We attempt to make sure that our Site continue to run smoothly every time. However, there could be instances that the Site may be unavailable due to the nature of our services and technology we utilize. Here are some possible reasons of Site unavailability:

  1. Technical issues and/or problems;
  2. Website provision (without prior notice);

In case that the User can’t access the Site after a multiple attempt, the User can email the issue to and may wait 1-2 business days to receive a response.

Hyperlinks and Social Media Plugins

The Site may have links that may direct you to other sites that are under third parties’ jurisdictions or other entities apart from the CompanyCable John. These links are present to offer further convenience and reference. We do not, in any way, guarantee the accuracy of the content of the linked sites.

As you choose to click on these links, you acknowledge that these linked sites are beyond the company’s control and that you hereby agree that you access them at your own risk. Hence, Cable John shall not be held liable for any claim, loss, damage, or any cost that may transpire with your decision to follow or click on those third-party websites.


As the User, we only ask for your details such as email address as you subscribe to our company’s newsletter. Also, we only ask for such information when you decide to sign up for a personal account on the Site. However, should you wish to be excluded from our emails from our company and other business partners, simply follow these instructions to stop your subscription:

  1. From your email, you may click one content from our Newsletters since you started your subscription;
  2. Scroll down on the bottom part and you will see the Unsubscribe button;
  3. Click the button if you wish to unsubscribe to our newsletter.

Furthermore, you agree that communication between you and Cable John may be done electronically, which should be taken as communication in written language form. While our company sends electronic communications through your officially submitted email address, we do not oblige you to constantly do so. With this, we encourage you to read this page all the time so you can be updated with the pertinent changes in the Terms and Conditions stated herein without the need for our notice.


Cable John welcomes our users’ and visitors’ comments and feedback regarding our Site. However, any suggestions, notes, ideas, messages, and other forms of communications sent to use in any manner (e.g., fax, e-mail, mail) shall remain and be treated as part of Cable John’s exclusive property.

Furthermore, submitting such pieces of communication shall mean that you irrevocably assign all and any international titles, rights, and interest in all fields of intellectual property laws and copyright to Cable John’s and/or to any of the company’s business affiliates. The company is therefore entitled to utilize them for any legal purposes without the need to compensate you in any form or any other restrictions.

In connection, we ask you to avoid submitting or sending the Company any communication which you would prefer not to assign to us.

All the information and content sent to us through and/or on the Site shall remain as exclusive properties of Cable John or the company’s business affiliates, whichever may be the case. This includes all images, graphics, text, photographs, user interface, and music, as well as their arrangement, selection, and coordination.

Such materials shall be under the full protection provided under all and any international and domestic regulations, agreements, and laws. Therefore, you are prohibited from copying, downloading, distributing, modifying, displaying, altering, reproducing, and transmitting in any way any of the contents that are displayed through and/or on the Site for any purposes unless the Company expressly allowed so.

Any unauthorized use and/or access to such proprietary information falls under the company’s right to terminate any permission or license granted by the Company under this Policy. This can take place under the sole discretion of the Company.

Content on Cable John 

All content available or posted on Cable John’s Site is solely owned or provided by the Owner or its Board. Cable John holds and reserves all intellectual property rights to any kind of content on the Site.

The Owner and its Board deems its effort and security that the content infringes no applicable legal provisions or third-party rights.

Users are not allowed to use or reproduce any contents from Cable John and its partners, to copy, to download, to share, to modify, to replicate, to translate, and all forms of content reproduction system that may violate Cable John’s rights.

In case that the User may report such complaints, the User may use the details provided in this document.

Legal Disclaimers and Miscellaneous Legal Provisions

You confirm that you shall not hold Cable John or any of its affiliates are liable for any kind of damage or injury that transpires from or in any relation to your access and usage of the Site. This shall also apply to any of the materials or content that are available through our Site.

If any of the expressed provisions of the Terms and Conditions here shall become void, invalid, illegal, and unenforceable, they shall not prejudice, impair or in any way affect the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining provisions expressed herein.

Should Cable John fail to uphold or enforce any of the stated provisions in the Terms and Conditions, the brand shall neither affect in any way the right of the Company to continue in pursuing or enforcing such provision nor shall it be treated as a formal waiver of the provision in question.

Changes to this Policy

Cable John reserves the right to delete, modify, or alter any of the stated policies on the Site for any reason at any time. Continuing to use or access the Site even after the effectiveness of such alterations, deletions, and modification establishes your acknowledgment and agreement of these policy changes. Therefore, we highly advise you to check or visit this page often.

We offer the online platform for Cable John’s services and partnerships. Before making any partnerships or purchase of services from the Site, you released Cable John and its affiliate companies and entities from any claims related to the services, including but not limited to  misinterpretations of the company.


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